More on Draft Power

  • Draft Power Operations

    We have been using draft power on the farm now for 6 years. Each year we find another way to incorporate the horses to do another chore. We spread manure that is composted on the farm from the turkeys and horses.

    We also disc, cultivate, harrow and harvest with the team. Over the years we have found all sorts of vintage horse drawn machinery on stone walls, at auctions or laying in some barnyard grown up to brush. We pay very little for these items and enjoy finding and restoring the implements to a usable condition. With a little Yankee Ingenuity, we have been able to assemble a vast array of tools and equipment for use on the farm.

    All the wood for the kitchen stove and evaporator in the sugar house is skidded with the horses from our woodlot or the local neighbors property. We burn approximately 7 to 8 cords in the sugarhouse and 3 cords in the kitchen stove. We twitch the small wood with a single horse and pull the heavy logs back to the farm on the log scoot. All logging operations are done in the winter when there is snow cover, minimizing ground disturbance and impact on the forest.


The Team at Work