We plant several gardens annually of potatoes, corn, pumpkins and all sorts of other green vegetables. Jane actively cans most of the harvested vegetables for our winter food supply.

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We have partnered with our neighbors, Jim and Marianne Garvin to raise our chickens and beef animals on their neighboring property, while we raise the pigs and turkeys on ours.

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We produce about 1,200 pounds or 110 gallons of maple syrup annually. We boil on a 30” wide x 8’ long drop flue evaporator with an airtight front and a forced draft blower.

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Farming with Draft Power

Draft animal power is used in some of our operations on the farm. Our team includes Ozzie, a 15-year-old Belgian gelding draft and Tucker, a 10-year-old Belgian draft.


Jane cans many of our fresh vegetables and fruits, while others are packed for the freezer. We are always guaranteed an adequate supply during the winter and throught the year.

Vacuum Packing

Vacuum packing ensures the freshness of our produce. We've had to increase our freezer space over the years to accommdate our growing yield and a couple of years ago, our 600 lb. potato harvest was more than we needed and we sold some.


We raise our own poultry including free-range turkey and chicken. All butchering and packaging is done on the farm.

pork and beef

Both pork and beef are raised free-range in movable paddocks so that they always have green grass to eat. We process some of this meat into sausage and bacon (See Our Freezers).


Jane bakes breads and muffins as well as snacks like granola bars which are all packaged to preserve freshness for year-round consumption.See More