Draft Power

draft horses provide Natural power for farming and logging operations

The biggest kick I get out of upland bird hunting is watching my springer spaniels work to flush grouse and woodcock and also the connection I feel with them in sharing that hunting experience. I've found that draft horses have brought that same kind of feeling to farming. It becomes less of a chore and more of a lifestyle and I'm proud of my training and the results.

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Team Ozzie & Tucker


Ozzie is our 15-year-old Belgian gelding draft that we have had for about three years. He came to us from a Pennsylvania Amish farm through a Rescue at Squirrel Wood Belgians in Upstate NY.


Tucker is a 10-year-old Belgian draft that came to us through Sterling College in Vermont. We have paired him with Ozzie and they work well together.

The Team at work

With a number of large vegetable gardens on the farm, Ozzie and Tucker take part in gardening operations including discing, spreading, tilling, raking etc.


Ozzie and Tucker discing the vegetable garden accross the street from the farm house..


Using draft power brings you back to the basics. In some cases the equipment we use is "vintage" and it's nice getting in touch with that too.

Logging with Ozzie

We also do logging on the Fletcher Family Farm with the assistance of draft power. We use wood as supplemental heat in the house with a pellet stove as a primary heat source.

Hauling Logs

Ozzie shown here, in the pre-Tucker days, hauling logs back to the barn.

Hay Transport

Well, if you've got draft horses, you've gotta feed 'em ... and that takes more than just a bit of hay.

The Fun Stuff

Winter brings sleigh rides! Each year we have an open house at the Fletcher Sugar House and the boys take part in sleigh rides for our guests.

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