homesteading, Sugar Making, logging, with draft power!


The Fletcher Family Farm in East Washington, New Hampshire has been in operation for five generations. Currently owned by Ed and Jane Thayer, the farm is a self-sustaining homestead that raises pork, chicken, beef and turkey, grows green vegetables, potatoes, corn and pumpkins and produces 110 gallons of maple syrup annually. All animals are raised free range in movable paddocks and whenever possible work is done with draft animal power.

Why Homesteading?

For us, homesteading is simply making the best use of the resources that we have at our fingertips ... specifically our land. We're reconnecting with the food chain.

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Natural Processes

Wheather it's discing the garden with the horses, raising grass-fed livestock or canning vegetables for the winter, the more we can do the good old fashioned way the better!

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Draft Power!

Obviously, draft animal power reduces our dependence on fossil fuel and is truly a renewable resource. The connection with ths team to get the job done is very rewarding.

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“The homesteading at Fletcher Farm isn't so much a social or political stance as it is a lifestyle choice. To me it's just logical to make use of the land we're fortunate enough to have. The food that we harvest is natural and the process of raising it makes for an active lifestyle. The addition of draft horses to our farming has added a whole new dimension that I really enjoy. All together it just feels good to be self-sustaining and to provide maple syrup or produce to others in the community.”

Ed Thayer

Fletcher Farm Maple Syrup

The most recent sugarhouse that my grandfather, Norman Fletcher, built in 1954 is still in use today and is located across the street from our farmhouse. We have updated the sugaring equipment, added electricity, a canning room and refined the collection process, but the basic sugaring operation remains the same.

Presently, we produce about 1,200 pounds or 110 gallons of syrup annually. We boil on a 30” wide x 8’ long drop flue evaporator with an airtight front and a forced draft blower. The unit averages about 60 gallons of water evaporation per hour.

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